Solving your company's people issues using the world's most complex and revealing high performance psychological assessment tool, TAIS

Originally founded in 1984 by David Simpson, Grandlark (formally the Simpson Group of Companies) has maintained its reputation in having outstanding results in both psychological and executive search.

With more than 150 years of combined, in-house expertise in high-performance psychology consulting, we eliminate big headaches by quickly getting to the core of an individual’s or group’s competencies and limitations.

Our Team

Michelle Marsden


Joining Simpson Associates in early 2018, Ms. Marsden started as the Director of Research directing a full-time, in-house research team which provides pivotal support services with all the search assignments that the firm conducts. This group is instrumental in helping to source first-class executives and leaders on a world-wide basis. Later, Ms. Marsden was appointed General Manager of Simpson Associates, working with board chairs and CEOs across a diverse client base in multiple industries.

Now as President & COO, Ms. Marsden has full P&L responsibility for the operations across the group - Grandlark Investments, a boutique private equity group, Oceans Apart Management, the high performance psychological assessment group, TAIS Performance Systems, the world-wide TAIS distribution network, and Simpson Associates, the executive search division.

Michelle graduated from the Sauder School of Business at UBC in 2011 with a Bachelor of Commerce. Prior to joining Simpson Associates, she held assignments in aerospace, aviation, and consumer goods.

Michelle Hu

Group Controller

Michelle Hu is the group Controller for Grandlark Group. She has complete responsibility and accountability for the financial side of the businesses, including Simpson Associates, Oceans Apartment Management & TAIS Performance Systems. Additionally, Michelle is significantly involved in the due diligence processes qualifying potential acquisitions.

Marta Wnuczko

Director of Research

Marta Wnuczko holds a PhD in cognitive psychology from the University of Toronto. As a researcher, collaborator, and an educator, Marta has been consistently applying empirical knowledge to more effectively address real issues, not limited to academics. She is now looking forward to working with the team at Simpson Associates to leverage psychological assessments and the knowledge of human behaviour to facilitate executive searches. Having the experience of working with multidisciplinary teams and industry partners, she is excited to connect with clients across various sectors.

Mike Montgomery

Senior Associate

Mike Montgomery brings ten years’ experience in the vocational industry in both the private and public space. Hailing from Calgary, Mr. Montgomery graduated from the University of Calgary in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He is well versed with sourcing top talent for clients in a variety of verticals and is looking to bring his operational knowledge of talent acquisition into Simpson Associates as senior associate.

Bethany Wiseman

Research Associate

Bethany completed her degree at the University of Guelph in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice and Public Policy. She joined the company overseeing technical support and customer service and transitioned to Simpson Associates focusing on executive search. Bethany is excited about her future with the company, and she hopes to acquire as much knowledge as she can about the world of corporate psychology and the process of executive search and psychological assessment using TAIS.

Talya Jesperson

Research Associate

Talya Jesperson is an Associate Researcher at Simpson Associates. She holds an MA in Sociology from the University of Victoria, a BA Hons. in Sociology, and a Certificate in Business Administration from the University of Victoria. Talya is interested in all things people, what inspires them, uncovering their potential to grow and excel in their role, and how people fit together to form a strong team.  Talya has experience in various sectors, including academic research, corporate consulting, the food and restaurant industry, and publishing. She is eager to apply her diverse foundations of knowledge to executive search.

Sanja Sadic

Technical and Customer Support

Sanja Sadic takes care of Customer and Technical Support at Simpson Associates and TAIS Performance Systems.  As the first line of contact for the company, she strives to elevate the client experience. With over a decade of property management and customer service experience, she is eager to transition into her new role, where she aims to understand the TAIS, and it’s impact within organizations.

Hayden Frederick

Marketing Associate

Ms. Frederick recently completed her associate degree in general arts majoring in psychology, and minoring in sociology.  She is tremendously curious and has an aptitude for all things psychology. Ms. Frederick assists in market research, client development and overall marketing in support of the activities throughout Grandlark Group (formerly the Simpson Group).

Richard Dawes

Director of Technology

Richard Dawes is the Director of Technology for Grandlark Group. He has complete responsibility for all technical aspects of assessment delivery and related systems, online and in software, both of which he has worked for many years. Mr. Dawes also oversees website development and various internal technical projects.

Rich hails from southern California and is an avid outdoorsman. He also has a strong interest in music and keeps busy with a number of choral groups.

Jeanne Gilbert

Manager of Special Projects

Jeanne Gilbert has been with Grandlark Group (formerly the Simpson Group) for over 20 years and has held a variety of key positions throughout these last two decades. She received her TAIS Certification license over 15 years ago, and has recently transitioned to a consulting role.

David Simpson


David Simpson has focused on building high-performance executive teams, for a wide range of companies, for 40 years, the last three plus decades as a principal in Simpson Associates.  Using high-performance psychology concepts, he has developed a “bullet-proof” methodology for “Getting It Done Right” every time.  Amongst his client base, he is a recognized “go-to” expert when organizations cannot afford to get an executive appointment wrong.

In recent years, building on his expertise in structuring very capable teams, Mr. Simpson has concentrated on growing Grandlark Investments, a boutique private equity firm.  To that end, he has completed two acquisitions through Grandlark Investments Inc.  Both acquisitions were part of a long-term strategy, with the initial phase centred on assembling a basket of sophisticated psychological assessment instruments, including TAIS, HPI and the ICCS.  These psychological tools are a cornerstone in ensuring all of Grandlark’s on-going acquisition produce first-class results, in part through building top-notch operating teams.   

Mr. Simpson graduated with a B.Sc. in Science (minor in Engineering) in 1977 from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  He also holds a psychometrist license to interpret the TAIS. He lives with his wife and four very spoiled dogs in Victoria, BC.  

Governance and Advisory Board

Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D.

Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D. serves as Executive Vice Chair of  TAIS Performance Systems Inc., an operating company under the Grandlark Investments banner.   He is the author of The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory. In addition, he has published over 100 professional articles and has written twenty books, including: The Inner Athlete, How to Put Anxiety Behind You, Attention Control Training, The Ethics and Practice of Applied Sport Psychology, Psyched to Win, and Assessment in Sport Psychology (with Marc Sagal, below). For the past 40 years Dr. Nideffer has been providing through his company, Enhanced Performance Systems (EPS), team building, selection and screening, and performance enhancement services to Olympic Training Centers, elite military groups, and major corporations around the world.   Prior to EPS, Dr. Nideffer held posts of Sports Psychologist (USA Track and Field team), Research Fellow (Australia Institute For Sport), Associate Professor (University of Rochester), and Professor (California School of Professional Psychology).

Dr. Nideffer holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, and a Clinical and Experimental Psychology from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.  He is considered to be one of the top psychologists in the world for his contributions to performance-based psychological research.

Robin W. Pratt, Ph.D

Robin W. Pratt, Ph.D. taught the psychology of learning and performance at the Ph.D. level and merged that into educational research and management (applied human resource development) for the first half of his career. He gradually added performance and management consulting to his repertoire fueled by the many applications of the TAIS Inventory and Attention Control Training, where he partnered with their developer, Dr. Robert Nideffer. Today he is a leading practitioner and product developer in this arena. His clients cover the spectrum from business to sport.

Dr. Pratt has held both Assistant and Associate professorships at U.S. universities and currently is the President of Enhanced Performance Services, a consulting group focused on executive coaching, team building, selection and screening and performance management.

Dr. Pratt has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from William Jewell College and received his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Illinois.

Marc Sagal

Marc Sagal’s extensive background in psychology, philosophy, and sport has helped him develop a unique ability to help leaders and athletes achieve ‘meaningful success’. His work as a management consultant, executive coach and sport psychology consultant has been featured in numerous publications and media spots, including FOX Sports, Men’s Health, CIO magazine, and American Airlines’ Celebrated Living.

Marc has delivered assessment, training and performance coaching to a wide variety of organizations. McKinsey & Company, Microsoft, J.P. Morgan, Manchester City Football Club, and U.S. Army Recruiting have all benefited from working with Marc and his company, Winning Mind. He consults regularly with Olympic and professional athletes from around the world. He has played a key role in the development and design of breakthrough training and assessment products and services, including AME (“Athlete's Mental Edge”), the world’s first web-based, sport-psychological assessment and training program.
Marc has presented research data and professional papers at international congresses including the European Association of Personality Psychology and the American College of Sports Medicine. He has published widely in the area of performance psychology, including co-authorship of Assessment in Sport Psychology with Dr. Robert Nideffer, and chapter authorship in the Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology.

A Philosophy graduate from The Colorado College, Marc received his Master’s degree in Sport Psychology from San Diego State University with highest honors. He received his “A” -level coaching license from the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), was registered as a professional with the USSF, and competed both in Europe and the United States.


We are continually looking for top notch individuals to join our rapidly growing operating companies under Grandlark Investments.

We encourage you to review the brief job descriptions and recommended qualifications for the positions listed below. If you are an individual focused on significant achievement in a supportive and fast-paced business environment that prioritizes lifelong learning, our operating companies are very well positioned to meet your goals. We put a heavy focus on training on our psychological assessment tool.  We offer a handsome salary, full benefits, and a variety of exciting career advancement opportunities. We also provide the experience and exposure to the corporate world.

If any of these fulfilling career opportunities peak your interest, please send your resume to

Research Associate

Grandlark Investments, TAIS Performance Systems Inc., and Oceans Apart Management are continually growing and looking to bring on driven, detailed, and highly intuitive individuals. Currently, we are looking for a Research Associate for Simpson Associates, the executive search division, who will be reporting to the Director of Research. This is a classic research role with extensive investigations into candidates, both by telephone and online.

Most of the work is at a very senior level — VPs and up.  Some introductory experience in the search business is preferred. We are also looking for an individual who has a very strong interest in corporate psychology (training will be provided) and wants to build a serious, long-term career in the executive search industry.   

The assignment is a full-time role, with a competitive base salary, bonus, and comprehensive benefits.

Other Roles

Grandlark Investments, TAIS Performance Systems Inc , Oceans Apart Management, and Simpson Associates are always looking for talented individuals. Please apply to

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