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Welcome to Getting It Done Right - Now in our 40th year.

A prime centrepiece of the evolution of our executive search group has been that it has both the confidence and demonstrated capability to produce the desired result every time, without fail. It is a “tall order,” for sure. However, the expertise our group has in delivering a top-notch, successful search conclusion is unparalleled.

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Executive Search

Simpson Associates is a growing, retained executive search consulting firm with a world-class, in-house expertise in corporate psychology. From our operations in Western Canada and the United States, our seasoned team works almost exclusively with Boards and CEOs in all sizes of companies, across a broad range of sectors, throughout North America and beyond. Some of those industries include: high-tech, mining, aviation, retail, distribution, real estate, manufacturing, asset management, engineering, private equity, apparel, health services, venture capital, education, holding companies, and many more.

Psychological assessment

We own one of the world’s leading performance psychology assessment tool. In order to find the right candidate who is the best fit for your team you need to understand what makes them tick. We evaluate how they perform under pressure, in your specific environment, with your specific team.


Simpson Associates got its start in the summer of 1984 as a small consulting firm specializing in retained executive search. The primary client focus was small to medium-sized, privately held companies that encompassed a diverse industry group.

It was rather obvious, even four decades ago, that client companies were working hard to improve their businesses. And if it was good enough for our clients to be diligently working on development and improvement, it was equally good enough for us. To that end, we introduced an advanced and sophisticated assessment capability to the search practice. It was a demonstrable way to move the practice forward and clients responded with a resounding endorsement.

The original intent was to keep the business as almost a sole proprietorship. Then, a few years ago, the decision was made to redirect and specifically focus on growing the business substantially. To that end, we have enjoyed great success, in part due to the purchase of Enhanced Performance Systems, formerly a California-based company that specialized in publishing high-end, performance-focused psychological tests — in fact, the very ones that had long been in use here at Simpson Associates. This was an important acquisition for the firm — one that has allowed continued development on multiple levels of our thriving executive search practice.

Having the utility of owning, in-house, a basket of state-of-the-art psychological tools has become an important cornerstone of the practice. We completely stand behind the statement, “Clients come to Simpson Associates when they cannot afford to get it wrong.”

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