Executive Search Series - Volume II - Issue VII

Posted on
March 31, 2022
David Simpson


It is apparent that many companies are not adjusting to a new hiring reality – they are still using their old, “tried and true” interviewing methods and are losing out on the best candidates available. Current research suggests that many companies are taking at least 27 working days to make a decision in the selection process.  But here is another figure – most highly qualified candidates are on the market not much more than 10 days.  In fact, the demand for talent is becoming so extreme that some companies are making offers to people who just submit their resume – no interview required! In today’s highly competitive market, companies know that “business as usual” is a recipe for disaster.  The same now applies to hiring!  And there is no end in sight.  Every indication is that finding talent is now one of the biggest headaches businesses/organizations have.  And the absolute reality is we either adapt or get ready for much bigger headaches! To succeed in the war for talent, we must be ruthless in truncating the hiring process.  Consider: removing all non-essential people out of the equation; having multiple people attend the interview at the same time; not waiting when one of the interviewers is called away for one reason or another – if possible, keep going; making it the highest priority we have as leaders – it’s war! No one is suggesting you hire an individual who is not competent.  However, when you meet a very capable candidate, go fast!!  One more thing.  Because the corporation is no longer in the “driver’s seat,” we, as hiring authorities, like it or not, need to be in “high octane” (but realistic) selling mode. Consider the following…recently I was speaking to a senior executive who took an interview.  The Chair, who was the hiring authority, indicated that he was not keen on this senior executive because he showed no interest. Subsequently, in talking with the senior executive, I mentioned that the Chair was not interested because he (the senior executive) showed no interest.  The candidate’s retort? “I showed no interest because the Chair did not say anything interesting!”  The Chair, in his “I am all important” approach, lost out on one of the most accomplished executives I have ever met. Just for the record, the candidate in question took a company from bankruptcy to $1B in profitable sales.  People, we are now in “sales” mode – or not.  And we need to go fast!  It’s our choice dear reader.


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Posted on
March 31, 2022
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Executive Search
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