Performance Assessment Series - Volume II - Issue IX - III

Posted on
September 4, 2020
David Simpson

Corporate Sabotage

A now de-classified 32-page document that is on the CIA website makes for an interesting read.  The text, published in 1944, was a World War II field manual that instructed employees on how to sabotage an enemy business enterprise from the inside.  The following are a few of the ideas put forth from that handbook published 76 years ago.

·       Insist on doing everything through channels and never allow short-cuts

·       When possible, refer time-sensitive matters to committees for further study.  Ensure the committee has at least five members

·       Constantly advocate caution on all decisions

·       Re-open and rehash decisions that have already been previously decided upon

·       Haggle over precise wording of communications and resolutions

·       Refer to irrelevant issues as frequently as possible

·       Whenever possible, challenge who possesses decision-making authority in any group meeting

·       Never pass on your skills or capabilities to a new team member

·       See that 3 people must approve everything where one would do

·       Blame your poor work on machinery, tools or lack of resources

·       Put heavy emphasis on assigning unimportant work to subordinates

·       Promote incompetents

I think everyone gets the idea that many of these items may very well relate directly to some business environments in today’s world!  

Posted on
September 4, 2020
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Performance Assessment Series
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