Performance Assessment Series - Volume II - Issue X - II

Posted on
October 22, 2020
David Simpson

Working Twice As Hard For Half As Much

It is common knowledge that the business landscape for many organizations has become much more difficult and competitive with the advent of coronavirus.  That said, I thought it might be worthwhile to review some of the central themes in successful selling that still apply more today than ever.    

Plan your work and work your plan.  Solid organizational skills and thorough execution is critical.

Try not to deal with someone who can say no but does not the authority to say yes.  

You will get more results in two months taking an interest in the other person than you will in two years trying to get them to take an interest in you.  Know your customer – the decision maker.  Listen.  Telling is not selling.  Don’t sell – help.

Never stop.  Business is there if you go after it.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.   This is not the golden rule of selling.  This is the platinum rule of selling.

80% of sales require 8 follow-ups. 44% of sales rep’s give up after one follow-up.

Go for referrals.  Only 11% of sales representatives ask for them but 84% of decision makers start their buying decision with a recommendation.

Try to close the sale too soon and too often – not too little and too late.  Have a call to action!

For those selling to senior executives, reduce your reliance on emails.  57% of senior executives prefer a phone call.  

Posted on
October 22, 2020
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Performance Assessment Series
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